The Amusing Alphabet

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Sound Symbol Letter Relationship

A stands for an Archer,
B for his Bow;
C the Crow that he shot at;—and
D for his Dog.

E stands for an Ensign,
F for a Flag, and a Fort:
G stands for a Goat;—and
H for a Horse.

I stands for an Italian,
J for a Jug, and for Jane:
K stands for a Kite:—and
L for a Lobster.

M stands for Mary,
N for the Numbers she wrote;
O stands for an Owl:—and
P for a pretty Parrot.

Q stands for a Queen,
R for the Rose in her hand:
S for the Sword of State,
T the Throne, and the Table.

U stands for Uncle, V for Violin,
W for Windmill, and X for number ten
Y stands for a Yacht, (or Yot,)—and
Z for a Zebra.