A Thru Z by Unknown Author

A for the ape, that we saw at the fair;
B for a blockhead, who ne’er shall go there;
C for a collyflower, white as a curd;
D for a duck, a very good bird;
E for an egg, good in pudding or pies;
F for a farmer, rich, honest, and wise;
G for a gentleman, void of all care;
H for the hound, that ran down the hare;
I for an Inchworm, earthy and dark;
K for the keeper, that look’d to the park;
L for a lark, that soar’d in the air;
M for a mole, that ne’er could get there;
N for Sir Nobody, ever in fault;
O for an otter, that ne’er could be caught;
P for a pudding, stuck full of plums;
Q was for quartering it, see here he comes;
R for a rook, that croak’d in the trees;
S for a sailor, that plough’d the deep seas;
T for a top, that doth prettily spin;
V for a violin of delicate mien;
W for wealth, in gold, silver, and pence;
X for old Xenophon, noted for sense;
Y for a yew, which for ever is green;
Z for the zebra, that belongs to the queen.

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