ABC Poems

This is a page dedicated to ABC Poems for Kids. We’ll be adding all types of rhymes ranging from nursery to primary. Many will be contemporary while others will be classic. Whatever the type of poetry or era, every letter of the alphabet will be represented for complete learning.

ABCs by James McDonald
The Education Seed by James McDonald
In The House Of ABC by James McDonald
Alphabet Playground by James McDonald
An Alphabet by Edward Lear
The Alphabet by James McDonald
ABCs by Unknown Author
ABCs In Action by Unknown Author
ABC Nursery Rhyme by Unknown Author
A Thru Z by Unknown Author
Tom Thumb’s Alphabet by Unknown Author
An Alphabet Zoo by Carolyn Wells
Bobby’s Pocket by Carolyn Wells
An Alice Poem by Unknown Author
The Alphabet Game by James McDonald
The ABC Poem by Spike Milligan

ABC poems are a great way to start kids learning the alphabet. Even the age old ABC song uses rhyme and rhythm making it easier for kids to memorize. Throw in a poem a day for any child just starting to learn their letters and you have another tool that will help keep learning interesting.

We’ve collected poems that encourage learning and others that walk kids through each letter using an interesting beat or clever rhyme. There’s poems that describe letters in such a way that the reader will remember and laugh like in Tom Thumb’s Alphabet where ‘A was an archer, and shot at a frog.’ In The Alphabet a catchy rhythm is used to capture all of the letters in order, ‘A,B,C,D fun for you and me.’ Even Alice in Wonderland becomes a theme to help with learning the alphabet in An Alice Alphabet where ‘C is the Cheshire Cat wearing a grin.’

There are so many resources for helping kids memorizes their ABCs. Poetry can be used as a quick and useful addition to any beginning learner’s curriculum while also setting the foundation for literacy through poems. But the most important factor is taking time with children and building a reading relationship that will go far beyond literacy and learning and create a bond and tradition that will last a lifetime.