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An enchanting Story About A Mother Unicorn And Her Babe

The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn                        

Kindle Kids - Free For A Limited Time - Petey And The Bee


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At The End of The Rainbow - A poetry book for children by Sami and Thomas    Rainy Day Poems - A Children's, Illustrated Poetry Book    Through the Milky Way on a PB&J - A Space Adventure book for kids

From Petey and the Bee to A Horse Story, and off Through the Milky Way on a PB&J,
until finally, we settle down with Rainy Day Poems, this is a fantastic collection of
Stories, poems, and stories in verse... A collection kids are sure to love.

Children's Book - Petey and the Bee: A Dog's Tale.    Children's Book - A Horse Story, Sami and Thomas meet Pascal    Learn to Read with Sami and Thomas: Book 1 - available now.



The Poems and Stories at Rainy Day Poems

Children's Book - A Horse Story, Sami and Thomas meet Pascal          Summer Poems - Sami and Thomas go to the lake
Read It's Back To School Again                     Read School's Out! :)

Dog Poems For Kids Space Poems For Kids Holiday Poems For Kids Horse Poems For Kids
Bug Poems Fairy Poems Goodnight Poems Mother's Day Poems
Cooperation Poems Funny Poems Poems About Famous People Inspirational Poems
Cat Poems Poems Teachers Ask For Fathers Day Poems Poems for Young Children
poems for kids to recite poems about nature friendship poems Poems For Kids To Recite

Poems For Kids

Here you will find an ever growing collection of some really great poems that any kid is sure to enjoy. From scary tales of sinister sisters, to the joy that only a teddy bear can bring, and all other adventures in between.


Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are the classic of classics as these are truly the first I ever remember hearing or memorizing. From Hickory, Dickory Dock, to Little Miss Muffet, all are as good today as they were when I was a child....most are part of the Mother Goose collection. :) Rhymes that both children of today and yesterday will enjoy.

The Aesop For Children

Incredible truths through the simplest of scenarios, Aesops Fables will live forever.


Poems Teachers Ask For

Some of the greatest poetry can be found in the book Poems Teachers Ask For. We have gathered some of the best pieces for your reading enjoyment.


Poems For Kids To Recite

Poems to memorize and recite. Here you'll find a new poem a month for kids to recite.


The Real Mother Goose

Timeless,classical rhymes


Poems For Young Children

A collection of poems especially for little kids to enjoy. Simple topics that are easy to read, ranging from funny, to cute, to imaginative.


Nature Poems

Here you'll find an amazing collection of poetry celebrating the many aspects of nature.


Horse Poems For Kids

A collection of horse poems for animal lovers of all ages.


Dog Poems For Kids

A collection of dog and puppy poems for everyone


Cat Poems

A collection of cat poems to celebrate the furry felines of the world.


Space Poems

A collection of poems about the final frontier


Birthday Poems

A collection of poems about the Birthdays


Bug Poems

A collection of poetry about the little life forms of the world


Unicorn Poems

A collection of poems that will take you to the enchanted forests where unicorns roam.


Fairy Poems

A collection of poems that will take you to the fantasy realm of Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Giants and maybe even a Dryad or two.


Mother's Day Poems

A collection of poems that celebrate Mom on her special day.


Father's Day Poems

A collection of poems that celebrate Dad on his special day.


Goodnight Poems

Poems to read to children before bed.


Cooperation Poems

Poems that celebrate cooperation and working together.


Inspirational Poems

Poems that inspire and bring a smile after reading.


Funny Poems For Kids

Poems that will make you laugh because they're clever, witty or just flat out silly.


Friendship Poems

Friendship is a gift, here are poems to celebrate all of those important relationships in the world.


Famous Poets

Interesting information about some of the amazing poets on this site.


Poems About Famous People

A collection of poems written about the famous people throughout time.


The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Poetry by Willameena


Stories For Kids

Poems are fantastic and provide a beautiful way to envision a moment in but a few simple words, but in Stories for Kids you will find much more elaborate adventures of either Sami and Thomas or many of the other characters we've envisioned in our journeys.

Prayers for Children From Around the World

Prayers have a beautiful poetic nature along with deep spiritual meaning. Here you'll find prayers from all around the world.


Visit Sami and Thomas, and their friends on Etsy

Visit Sami and Thomas and their Felt Friends on Etsy!


Illustrated Children's Books

As our stories continue to grow, we select a fantastic few to make their way into the printed world. That being said, on this page you will find any and all offerings that we have available for purchase.


Personalized Prints and Other Artwork for Children

What better gift to give than a personalized print capturing the essence of a child in your life. We are always open to custom orders as well as personalizing pre-existing artwork. Check back often as new artwork and poems are being regularly added.

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